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05 March 2009 @ 07:40 am
Holding Out For A Hero-Expanded  
Title: Holding Out For A Hero
Rating: NC-17
Characters/Pairings: Jazz, Mirage, Sparkling Prowl, Ratchet, various others - some canon some not. 
Warnings: some sparkling torture and battle scenes
Universe: G1
Disclaimer: I, in no way, shape, or form, own the Transformers© franchise or the characters it contains. They belong to Has/Tak, No infringement intended.  Nor do I have any claim to the songs used.

Summary: WW or G1: A small glimpse at Prowl’s history as a sparkling and how he came to be raised by Jazz and the Special Operation Mechs in the Autobot army. Expansion of a drabble from the Song Meme. Song was Holding Out For A Hero. People on LJ requested, seconded, thirded, fourthed, begged, pleaded and even groveled for a continuance of the story. So here it is. Didn’t turn out like I was expecting but hopefully it will satisfy?

And originally I was picturing Prowl with wings in a G1 style, but when Jazz described them to Flex they are apparently more of a War Within style. I have tried and tried, but the description does not want to change; so feel free to alter them as needed in your minds as you read. 

And yes if it feels to you like Mirage joined up before the Towers fell, I sorta get that feeling as well with this one.

The Sparkling shivered in his frame unable to move. He was rarely able to move anymore and when he was allowed, his whole body hurt, not just his head. Fear and pain were his always present companions. He tried to hide the fear, but he was just a sparkling.  During the increasingly rare times he was freed and handled by the huge purple mech, then left alone, he would try to remember the time when being touched had been a good thing. He would try to remember that at one time he had been cared for and protected. That had all ended with the explosion. When he had on-lined again he had been confused, cold, hurt, and hungry. The large purple bot that had come to him then had offered no comfort and no food. Had in fact picked him up by his sensitive wings causing more pain while staring at him with his single yellow optic. “You’ll do.” Was all that had been said before he’d been dropped back into the crate he’d woken in.


Jazz stepped into the room and stopped in shock and surprise. The stop so sudden and unexpected that Mirage, following him in raised a hand to his back to ward off the collision. 

“Jazz, what…” but Mirage trailed off as he sidestepped just enough for a full view of the room.

The job here in the Con base was to locate and destroy Shockwave’s latest weapon. A super tactical computer. Various undercover operatives had been reporting the development of the top secret project for nearly a vorn now. The only thing known about it was that it had been in development. It had been completed and put to use three meta-cycles ago. That it had been activated three meta-cycles ago had not been information Special Operations had needed to provide. It had been very obvious that the computer was active when the Autobots found their afts being handed to them in 93 percent of the major engagements since then. They were barely holding on at this rate. Autobot tacticians across the planet on the battle fronts were screaming for the thing to be shut down. If it wasn’t, then the Autobots would be extinct in meta-cycles. 

“Slag.” Whispered Jazz

“And frag” Mirage responded not taking his optics from the site in front of him.

For there in front of them, strapped and plugged into the bank of computers was a sparkling. Its blue optics flickering, indicating some sort of data transfer was in progress.

The two stepped over to the far wall where the sparkling was attached to look the situation over.

“This is the computer?” Mirage said with disgust. “Jazz, we can’t destroy this.”

“Not yet we can’t. Come on, we need to figure out how to get him out of there, because this is the only chance were gonna get. Then we’ll blow the rest.”

Jazz looked carefully at the connections. As soon as he and Mirage started pulling them, alarms would probably be triggered somewhere, cutting into what precious time they had. But leaving the sparkling to die with the mess that he and Mirage were planning on making of this room specifically and the base in general was not an option.

“Mirage, start freeing him, I’ll set the charges, then help you. We’re running out of time.”

It took time. Precious time. A full breem longer than it had taken Jazz to set his explosives; to carefully release the metal straps and clamps and unplug the interface cords from the sparkling. 

“Ok I think that’s it. Jazz stated as he freed the last clamp on his side and reached to the lift the sparkling out.

The sparkling’s optics had come on fully the moment Mirage had begun to free him from the tangle. Those optics had stayed focused on him the entire time he worked until Jazz had come to help. Then they had stayed entirely focused on Jazz. Jazz had found anger and frustration growing in him as the tiny fear filled blue optics locked on him. The sparkling had made no sound however so Jazz startled when as he tried to lift the sparkling out it suddenly cried out.

“Ah slag! Shhh little one. Mirage I missed one. Gotta clamp here in his wing.”

Mirage reached around Jazz and released the clamp from where it dug into the wing and Jazz pulled the sparkling close offering soft clicks and chirrs in apology and comfort to ease the sparkling. Even before Jazz had cupped the tiny thing in his hands the sparkling had curled itself into as tight a ball as it was able, shaking and clicking in fear, pain and overall general distress.

“Hold him close and boost your energy field.”


“Sparkling’s gain comfort from the feel of a creator’s energy field. He’s not synced to either of us, but boosting the field should still help. And hopefully he’ll stay quite as we get out of here.”

Jazz did as suggested and boosted his field sending a caring caress through it. “How do you know this Raj?”

“The upper classes of the Towers raise their sparklings themselves. You pick up a thing or too even if there are no sparklings in your own unit.”

Mirage watched as Jazz tried to settle the sparkling who unsurprisingly continued to huddle in a ball and click quietly offering no indication that it recognized the attempts at comfort it was receiving. “Jazz?”

“Yeah, yeah, I know. Here, you take him.”


“No matter what, I want him outta here. You’re the one that can disappear. If we need to separate, you get him and the image captures of this thing back to Iacon. Now let’s go before we become part of our own explosions.”


“What the Slag is that?

“What does it look like?”

Six joors since blowing up Shockwave’s base found Jazz and Mirage standing exhausted just inside the door of the one room Ops cache; the sparkling nestled against Mirage’s chest in recharge. They were facing the third ops member stationed out of this cache, a senior operative named Flex.

“I know it’s a sparkling. And a Con Seeker one at that judging by the wings and the very prominent faction symbols on those wings. Just what the pit are you doing bring it here to the cache?”

Jazz responded, his tone hot, but controlled. “First, it ain’t a Con, it’s a sparkling. Second, those wings are not flight wings, their too sharp and narrow; I doubt they will ever develop into flight wings so he ain’t a Seeker, though Primus knows we could sure use one. No, he’s a ground mech. Third, we’ve completely checked him over for tracking devices. He’s clean. And fourth, Raj and I are pretty sure he’s the main component of what use to be Shockwave’s super tactical computer.” 

“What?” And there was no mistaking the surprised disbelief in Flex’s voice.

“Come on,” Jazz began tiredly as he and Mirage moved further into the room over towards the energon supplies. “Let us get some energon and we’ll show you the image captures and tell ya all about it while we drink.”

A quarter of a joor later found Flex looking thoughtfully at the sparkling where it continued to recharge on top of a storage crate with a thermal blanket wrapped around it. “You two get a joor of recharge, then I’m sending both of you to Base Cadar with this little guy. 

Jazz sat up in his chair. “Why Cadar? Sopac is closer by nearly two joors. That makes for a quicker round trip. We’d be back in eight at the most.”

“Windcharger’s unit took over at Cadar recently and he’s got a full medic with him. Sopac only has a Med Tech. You two did a good enough field job patching this one wing where the clamp gouged it, but he still needs to be looked over by a medic. The sooner the better. But that aside, I doubt either one of you realize that sparklings require a special type of energon. This little one is going to get hungry at some point.”

“Far sooner than we can make it to Cadar.” Mirage mumbled lowly.

Flex still heard him though. “Aiy, you’re probably right. It’ll probably be before you get out of here even.”

Jazz wasn’t done questioning the choice of evacuation point though. “Okay, but why would a medic stationed at a forward base have sparkling energon? It’d be far faster to go to Sopac. We let them know were comin’ with special cargo. They can have a shuttle or a flyer waiting for immediate evac of the sparkling to Iacon.”

“While I agree that Windcharger’s medic probably does not have sparkling energon, he will have the ability to make some or dilute regular energon in a manner safe enough to fill this one’s tank up. I’m not sure a Med Tech will be able to do that. Plus, based on Decepticon movements, the Sopac area may be seeing some action here soon and I’d rather not send you through any of those preparations. We don’t need the sparking falling back into Decepticon clutches, since I’m sure that the Con’s will suspect we took him rather than blow him up with the base.” Flex paused then added sarcastically with a smirk, “that would be are sympathetic Autobot tendencies ya know.” He paused again before continuing in a more normal tone, “No this one’s journey to Iacon will have to begin from Cadar Base. Now, get that recharge.”

A little over a joor later Flex watched as Jazz and Mirage slipped out of the cache with the sparkling huddled once again in a ball in Jazz’s arms. As expected the sparkling had woken from recharge scarred and fearful, and hungry. Flex had attempted to feed the sparkling a dropperful of energon; not wanting to risk the sparkling’s tank or health with a larger amount. The endeavor had been unsuccessful until Jazz had come and taken the sparkling up in his arms where it had huddled, still fearful. The saboteur had managed to coax the sparkling to take the miniscule amount of energon, but whether it was from a sense of trust or just hunger forcing the issue Flex couldn’t say.

Now as Flex watched the group depart he didn’t expect to see either of the younger ops officers again anytime soon. The message he’d received from Iacon in response to his own message while everyone had been in recharge had pretty much said not to expect his team members back; if you read between the lines. The two didn’t realize or understand yet, but by the time they reached the Cadar Base, that sparkling would probably be theirs, its system and energy field synced to at least one of them if not both. There were enough joors of travel involved in getting to the forward base from the cache for that to happen. And few in the Autobot Army would want to traumatize further an already traumatized sparkling by yanking away what little security it had found just as soon as it had found it. He chuckled then, yes, the younger ops officers would find themselves stationed in Iacon for the immediate future he was sure, which would probably put both in a slagging foul mood for a few cycles once they learned of the transfer.


The head of Special operations himself was waiting to greet Jazz and Mirage when they finally arrived in Iacon with the Sparkling.

“Welcome back to Iacon. It’s been a while.”

“Yes sir.” Was the chorused response.

“Come on, I have orders to escort you three to Medical, so the new CMO can run a full diagnostic on him.”

“New CMO? What happened to Dactyl?” Mirage questioned as he and Jazz fell in alongside their Commander.

“He… retired.” 


“Yup. Quite the sight actually. In what may have been his most impressive display of ranting and cussing to date I have ever had the non-privilege of witnessing he chewed out the Prime in the middle of a Senior Staff meeting and finished it off with a simple, and I quote, I quit. He was out the door and on a scientific shuttle off Cybertron a quarter of a joor later.

“Well I can’t say that’ll I miss him.”

“Uh huh. Wait till you meet the new one, then give me your opinion.”

“As long as the new guy turns off pain receptors before doing work he can cuss and rant all he wants.”

The Commander offered a non-committal sound as they continued in silence to the medical section of the complex. Then as they neared Main Medical the beginnings of what was distinguishable as yelling could be heard. And as they neared the doors to Medical itself it was obvious it was coming from within. Jazz looked down at the sparkling concerned, remembering how it had panicked in the rec room at Cadar Base when a couple of warriors had gotten into a brief argument. Thankfully the sparkling continued its recharge apparently unaware.

Just before reaching the entrance, the doors slid open and a bright blue and green mech raced out, ducking as he rebounded off the wall across from the doors before sidestepping the Special Op’s officers and racing off down the corridor.

“What in the pit…” Began Mirage before quickly be shushed by the Commander.

“Shhh. Or he’ll hear you.”

“Either come in or leave, but don’t stand out there whispering.” Was the snarled call from inside Medical.

Mirage and Jazz shared and incredulous look. Before following their Commander in.

An average size mech painted mostly white with a few splashes of red stood before them. “Ah Ratchet, I see you’ve scared the bay clear of fools yet again.”

The mech addressed as Ratchet dimmed his optics slightly as he glared at the Special Operations Commander. “Watch yourself Commander. Your Ops miscreants are hardly any better than the average mech around here in avoiding stupidity. Now what do you want?”

“I believe you were advised that a couple of my miscreants were bringing in a special package for you to examine?” I’m delivering them and their package to you.” At that the Commander turned and looked at Mirage and Jazz. “Contact me when you’re done here, I’ll have quarters for you then.” And with that he slipped past his agents and out the door.

Jazz and Mirage shared a quick look then directed their attention at the medic. A couple of nano-clicks passed then Jazz spoke up. “Special Operations officers Lieutenants Jazz and Mirage reporting as ordered with the sparkling.”


The four cycles since arriving in Iacon had revealed a lot of information. And in Jazz’s perspective, not all of it was good. And in the number one slot on the not-good-news list was his re-assignment to Iacon for the foreseeable future. Number two on the list was that he and Mirage had been designated the official caretakers of the sparkling. According to Ratchet, based on observations while running the diagnostics on the sparkling, said sparkling had attached itself to Jazz and Mirage. Jazz and Mirage had argued that observation strongly saying the sparkling gave no noticeable signs that it was attached to the two of them in any way, and they sure didn’t feel any different. Ratchet had countered them by saying that it didn’t take any special skills to see the attachment, just that a bot needed to look. The rest of High Command had nodded in agreement.

That two junior ops officers knew very little about raising a sparkling had not been a strong enough argument to change the decision of caretaker for the traumatized sparkling. In fact it had been countered that op’s mechs would be ideal since the sparkling would probably need guardians in every sense of the word. The sparkling was after all a highly valuable war prize in the eyes of the Cons. And no one was foolish enough to think that the Cons didn’t have spies and infiltrators in Iacon. Taking it to an Iacon youth center to be raised was completely out.

Jazz knew he should have suspected something was up immediately when he and Mirage were assigned quarters in the area of the residence section reserved for command officers. There was just no way two junior officers, special ops or not would ordinarily rate such luxurious private quarters. The two had expected to be housed as usual in transient troop quarters with any number of other op’s mechs if they were lucky and with common soldiers if they were really unlucky. Yet they had found themselves here, in quarters outfitted with a general use room, a separate room with recharge berths and a third room that was a private wash area. They did not realize that the decision to have them remain as guardians for the sparkling had been made even before they had set foot in Iacon. The conclusion at the time was that the upgrade in quarters was because they were still in charge of the sparkling and would be kicked out as soon as they were relieved of the duty. 

Jazz got up from the desk and moved to the recharge room to check on the sparkling. It recharged a lot. Ratchet had said the high amount of recharge was most likely a side effect of the modifications Shockwave had made to the sparkling. The modifications had a high energy drain. And while a fully developed mech would be able to compensate easily for the higher drain, the sparkling’s only recourse was recharge; since a sparkling could only handle so much energon regardless if it was sparkling energon or not. The science team theorized and Ratchet agreed that the sparkling had been receiving supplemental energy through some of the hook-ups it had been connected to previously by Shockwave. Such a method was an unacceptable, unsafe risk to subject a sparkling to and one the Autobots would not practice. 

Of the modifications identified in the sparkling, the biggest appeared to be the highly advanced and singularly dedicated battle computer the sparkling was outfitted with. Ratchet had reported that at this point in time it was too integrated with the sparklings systems to disconnect. So for now the hope was that eventually the sparklings systems would realize that running the battle computer all the time was unnecessary, especially without the rest of the equipment the sparkling had been plugged into offering it direction. The information would make no sense to a sparkling anyway. If his systems accepted that reality, the amount of re-charge should drop to more normal levels for a sparkling his assumed age. 

Eventually the direction for the sparklings battle computer would come from the sparklings other huge modification; the highly advanced, extremely sophisticated logic and analytical centers, which the medical team agreed had most certainly been tinkered with to get them to the level they were and predicted the centers would eventually be one of the most impressive ever seen in a bot. Combine them with the on board battle computer and the sparkling was destined to be a tactical genius. According to both the medical and science teams, the reason for doing all this to a sparkling was most likely because its systems would adapt, where as a fully developed mechs systems would not be able to adapt to the level of technological upgrades the sparkling had been subjected to. At least not and allow the mech to remain sane and have full access to the hardware. How many sparklings had lost their lives before a compatible one was found and the tech was perfected for use in a sparkling would never be known.

Shockwave’s mistake - or more likely Megatron’s everyone agreed - had been in trying to rush the eventual tactical advantage for the Decepticons by hooking the sparkling to peripherals to access the battle computer before the sparkling could mature and do everything on its own, thus putting the sparkling into play and drawing the desperate attention of the Autobots. What was to stop Shockwave from attempting this again, Jazz wasn’t sure. But the Science team had spouted off fancy words, scientific jargon about compatibility and mentioned high time and costs throughout the long explanation that essentially said they doubted Shockwave would go this route again, especially since it had proven vulnerable.

Now when Jazz looked in on the Sparkling he found it awake and sitting up. As usual it had made no sound. The simple guess was that the sparkling had learned quickly that being silent kept Shockwave’s attention elsewhere and thus it avoided any maltreatment. That the Autobots meant it no harm could take deca-cycles or stellar cycles to learn. Perhaps even meta-cycles according to Ratchet. And even then it might be vorns beyond that before the sparkling accepted what it knew. Jazz scooped the tiny thing up cupping it in his hands as it automatically curled into a protective ball, its tiny wings curved as close to its body as possible, which wasn’t much he noted.  Jazz sighed as he exited with the black and white winged ball. 

Holding Out for A Hero Part 2 

bluebirdsoaring: Prowl?bluebirdsoaring on March 5th, 2009 03:13 pm (UTC)
Oh wow...this is equal parts amazing and chilling to read!! Poor sparkling Prowl...will he ever be functional? I think it's cute how Jazz and Raj get to raise him...not something I've seen in other fics before. And what effects will his being plugged into a computer have? Poor little bot needs lots of TLC!!
cmdrtekkcmdrtekk on March 5th, 2009 09:37 pm (UTC)
Thank for reading and commenting.

The second half is up as well now and the "bonus" scene is in the clean-up stages and should be up in 24 hours or so.
Catraven: Purrcatraven on March 6th, 2009 05:46 pm (UTC)
This expanded version is even better! I really feel for bitty sparkling!Prowl, and for Jazz and Mirage for having to raise the poor, traumatized bebe. At least he's with caring, if untrained, caretakers. :D

Thanks, and I'm off to read part 2!
cmdrtekkcmdrtekk on March 10th, 2009 05:11 pm (UTC)
Thank you.
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pingback_botpingback_bot on November 10th, 2011 03:46 pm (UTC)
Writer's Block: Hand me a tissue, please.
User remenyke22 referenced to your post from Writer's Block: Hand me a tissue, please. saying: [...] when I was reading "Holding out for a Hero" (http://cmdrtekk.livejournal.com/16043.html [...]