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11 March 2009 @ 09:39 am
Holding Out For A Hero - Bonus Scenes #3  

Title: Holding Out For A Hero Bonus Scene # 3- Adult though still on the younger side

Rating: NC-17
Characters/Pairings: Jazz, Prowl, various others - some canon some not. 
Warnings: Yeah, Intimate acts between robots who use male pronouns to describe themselves hinted at, suggested, or discussed.
Universe: WW and G1 mix
Disclaimer: I, in no way, shape, or form, own the Transformers© franchise or the characters it contains. They belong to Has/Tak, No infringement intended. 

Summary: Jazz has found who he knows will be the perfect interface partner for Prowl.

HOFAH - Bonus Scenes #2 - Youngling 2 

Holding Out For A Hero - Bonus Scenes #3– Young Adult

Summary: Jazz has found who he knows will be the perfect interface partner for Prowl.

“You like them.” Jazz grinned at Prowl as the younger mech stared at him incredulously.

“I most certainly do not. And how do you even come to such a conclusion? All I’ve done is complain about how they can’t not get into trouble and how command keeps dragging me into the middle of it when I don't catch and stop them first.” Prowl paused then added thoughtfully. “They really need to improve their techniques. Their sloppy.”

“Well not everyone can be a Professional Prank Artist before they’re done with their youngling stage. Those two are just getting to the perfecting part.”

“Lovely.” Was Prowl’s dry response.

“Now, now, don’t go acting like the Stick-In-His-Aft Tactician here with me.”

“Sorry, but hiding my emotions is the easiest way to survive particularly when I know I just cost a whole platoon of bots their lives including that of The Primes Third in Command.” Prowl answered quietly as he looked away.

“First, you don’t have to hide them from me. And second; that situation was hardly your fault. The survivors are telling everyone who’ll listen that you’re the reason it was only one platoon destroyed instead of two, that it was a miracle anyone got out. Command is certainly not blaming you. And in case you really had not realized this yet; Third to the Prime seems to be a high mortality rate position.” Jazz paused as his mood shifted quickly from serious to sly. “And I bet if you were to ask those twins you like so much, they wouldn’t blame you seeing as you managed to save their chassis.”

Prowl glared. “I. Don’t. Like. Them. They are a pain in the aft, and there is only so many ways to explain their pranks without admitting that I know exactly who did it and how.”

“First, there’s plenty of ways to explain a prank, and second, if you didn’t like them, you would have named them long ago as the culprits.”

“Arrrgh. How is it I’m more mature than you?” Prowl questioned

“Because you are a Tactician and I am Special Op’s. And everyone knows we in Op’s are the miscreants of the Army and make out own rules while the Tact Corps are the stiffs stuck on protocal.”

“No, the twins are the miscreants of the army.

“So you do like them.”


“They’re the same age as you.”

“And that is a fact I find hard to believe.”

The saboteur smiled “Ya know... there’s nothing wrong with a simple no commitments attached romp in a berth. I’m sure they’d be willing to oblige you.”

“I know.”

Jazz smirked, Prowl’s optics flashed in surprise as he realized he walked into Jazz’s little word trap. “That is not what I meant! They are twins; they are bonded to each other. I doubt they would be willing. Yes! I know there is nothing wrong with sharing a berth for a joor or to.” Prowl blasted air through his vents in a huff.

“Just because they’re bonded to each other doesn’t mean they don’t take others to their berth on occasion.”

Prowl’s response was silent glare and Jazz chuckled while raising his hands briefly in a mock surrender.

“Alright, alright. I’ll leave it be.”

“Thank you.”

“For now. Jazz smirked.

Prowl huffed again.

“So you know about the party tonight right? You’ll be there?” Jazz asked.

“I will, it’s about time you gained your promotion to Commander and I don’t want to miss it.”

“There’s still time for me to turn it down like Mirage did his.”

“You won’t though.”

Jazz nodded in agreement. “No, I won’t. Not this time anyway. Something The Commander said convinced me to take it.”



“Alright, I’ll see you tonight.” Prowl headed for the door to Jazz’s quarters, the same quarters he had grown up in. He paused at the door looking back. Jazz, once I moved out, how come you never moved your quarters back to Op’s territory?”

“Lots of good memories here. And I don’t mind the walk across base. And talking about quarter locations, you my youngling have become to anti-social. We should force you to take quarters outside of Op’s territory.”

Prowl simply nodded ignoring the semi threat. Ops would never force him out. “See ya tonight.


“I don’t get it. How the slag can a stiff fragger like Prowl always know when I am going to be setting a prank? Or how I plan to execute it?”

I think you’re just getting sloppy Sides.”

Sideswipe glared at his brother. “I am not getting sloppy! I swear it’s like that fragger knows my plan as soon as I do.”

“Well he is a Strategist and Battle Analyst and he’s acknowledged as the best the Tact Corps has. 

“That shouldn’t matter Sunny. How many Security Directors and Unit Commanders have you and I danced around and confounded?”

It was a rhetorical question so Sunstreaker ignored it. 

“So what, you like him?”

Sideswipe stared at Jazz. A quick glance at his brother showed he was mirroring the same surprise. “Just where did that come from?”

“Well you do seem to be talking about him a lot lately. Just curious.”

“I talk about him because he’s”

“Spoiling your fun.” Jazz interrupted before the red warrior could finish his sentence. Then he continued. “Now you two do realize that Prowl has never once turned you in for a prank he caught you at before it could be executed. Nor has he ever confirmed for Command that either of you were the guilty party in any prank that you successfully pulled off without getting caught. 

The twin warriors glared at Jazz. “Not helping me rant here.” Said Sideswipe. “And how come you never get caught?”

“Yeah, I don’t ever see you scrubbing down the wash racks.”

“In my job, the consequences of getting caught tends to be painful deactivation.” Jazz answered dryly.

The twins grimaced at the mild reminder that their friend was not regular army.

“But that aside,” Jazz continued “Prowl has actually caught me a couple of times.” 

“Just how could he bust you? You rank him.”

“Each time I was attached as an auxiliary to a patrol unit he was the Second of. Gotta tell ya, it was one of the proudest cycles of my life when he had to bust me for a prank that first time.”

Sideswipe starred for a moment unsure how to take the strange response before responding. “That’s twisted Jazz.” Sunstreaker nodded in agreement.

“No more twisted than your growing interest in him every time he tears one of your pranks apart. In fact I think you complain so much because it revs your systems that you’ve found a mech that can keep up with you and your pranks.”

“We can have a willing berth mate any cycle we want. He’s no more special than any other.” Sunstreaker broke in.

“Now don’t go covering for your brother Sunstreaker. And I know there are plenty o’ mechs eager to share your berth, but I also happen to know you two haven’t taken anyone for a one joor hop in a long while, which makes me wonder who it is one of you has your optic on. And since Sides here has been talking about Prowl for nearly five slagging deca-cycles it makes a bot wonder.”

Neither twin responded this time and Jazz was sure after this many deca-cycles of listening to Sideswipe complaining about Prowl that Prowl had at least caught the red twins attention enough to be interested. The problem as Jazz well knew however was with twins you had to get both interested. There was enough about Prowl, that Prowl kept hidden away from most mechs that would interest Sunstreaker. Jazz just needed to get the twins in a position to potentially learn those things.

Jazz smile grew wider, his processor racing with thoughts. “Tell you what. There’s a party in Op’s territory tonight. A little celebration for Prowl in fact. Come as my guests.”

Twins sets of optics flashed in surprise. “Why would Op’s be having a celebration for a Tactician?” questioned Sideswipe with a momentarily puzzled look.

Sunstreaker pushed Sideswipe in the shoulder to get his brother focused on the real world again while snapping an answer before Jazz could respond to Sideswipe. “It doesn’t matter Sides. No thanks Jazz, but we prefer not to visit Medical anytime soon. And no mech who’s not Op’s crosses the line to those halls.”

“Hound does all the time.”

“Riiight. It’s common knowledge in the ranks that Hound caught himself one of you elite Special Ops mechs. Pit the most popular rumor is their bonded. Whole different situation.” Sunstreaker shook his head.

To which Sideswipe added “You wouldn’t by any chance want to help solve that little question would you?” 

Jazz smiled, “No I wouldn’t. And back to my point, I can drop Hound from the picture fine, but how do you explain Prowl and Ratchet then?”

“Well Ratchet’s easy. He’s far scarier than any Special Ops mech.” Sideswipe paused again puzzled. “But why do you mechs let Prowl in?

“If you want the answer, come tonight. I swear to you it’ll be fine.” Jazz answered in a patient tone.

Sunstreaker stood grabbing his brother. “We’ll catch you later Jazz.”

“Tenth joor at the Op’s Main Hall.”

“No.” snapped Sunstreaker.

Jazz just smiled as he watched the two warriors walk off. They’d be there. Sideswipe’s curiosity at the tantalizing hints he just dropped would make sure of it. 

Jazz remained in his seat thinking about what he had set in motion. Mirage was sure to shake his head at Jazz’s attempts at setting Prowl up, but Jazz was convinced that Prowl needed some casual interface partners. Tactical was making him far too serious, burying his emotions under that overdeveloped logic processor and battle computer. 

That Sideswipe and Sunstreaker were twins was probably the initial point of interest that had caught the attention of Prowl’s processors. Twins were just more complicated than ordinary bots. And even as an adult Prowl’s processors needed to be entertained. It was why he enjoyed strategy games like Towers or Peril. Thus the mystery that was twins. By observation he’d probably discovered that the more bored Sideswipe became, the more likely he was to make his own entertainment. In the beginning it had probably been entertaining for Prowl to match himself against Sideswipe’s pranks, many of which he had pulled and perfected during his youngling vorns here on this very base. 

Sunstreaker on the other hand was a top notch combat fighter. His cold, calculating, methodical fighting style which unnerved a majority of his fellow Autobots would be very attracting to Prowl’s processors. And Prowl, while being a ranged fighter now, had spent his youngling vorns mastering edged weapon skills, shooting skills, hand to hand combat and a couple of martial arts styles. Jazz had met up with Prowl one cycle after the younger mech had sparred several rounds in one of the training rooms with the yellow frontliner. Prowl had been positively glowing with excitement. A rarely seen emotion anymore in the younger mech with the burdens of being in the Tactical Corps.

So if it took allowing two outsiders into Op’s territory for a night to get the wheel turning for Prowl, this was the night to do it. After all; Prowl didn’t know it but Jazz wasn’t the only mech receiving a promotion tonight. Prowl would be receiving his Captains rank as well. And since the mechs of Special Operations had claimed Prowl as their own vorns ago, they wanted Prowl’s promotion to take place in their special common room. Thus the Commander of Tactical as well as The Prime would be allowed into the Ops Halls tonight as well. 

HOFAH - Bonus Scenes #4 - Commander 

Potential Incarnatesilveriss on March 11th, 2009 10:55 pm (UTC)
*grins* Now that's a sneaky Jazz for you. ^^ I want to see how this turns out. Please...
cmdrtekkcmdrtekk on March 12th, 2009 02:08 am (UTC)
Unfortunately the next scene is set vorns ahead of this one, yet while you don't get the immediate what happens from this scene, the next scene should still clue you in.

Thanks again.
kirin_sagakirin_saga on March 11th, 2009 11:23 pm (UTC)
Twins/Prowl! *LOVES* I bet by the end of that party the Twins will be even more confused.

And I love how you imply that the Prime himself needs permission to be in the Ops Hall.
cmdrtekkcmdrtekk on March 12th, 2009 02:16 am (UTC)
I would love to know how the party went, however the the next scene is set vorns ahead of this one, yet while you don't get the immediate what happens from this scene, the next scene should still clue you in on how life for Prowl has unfolded and progressed. These bonus scenes, for better or worse are just quick glimpses into Prowl's life. Tactical and Special Ops here in this storyline are very different disciplines/departments. How does Prowl and his Guardians balance how he was raised with who his processors want him to be?

Pleased to see you clued in on even the Prime needs permission. They (Ops mechs) are a very intersting group in this storyline I think.

Thank you for reading.
okamichanokamichan on March 12th, 2009 04:59 pm (UTC)
*jaw drops*



And this is so teasing since you say the next scene is set vorns ahead!! ARGH! But I'm going to sit over here cooing over the pairing/threesome, even if it failed utterly horribly.

May I poke you on telling us how that party went? If for no other reason than to see Prowl's surprise at his promotion. (What the Ops bots are doing to hide it from Prowl, too. XD I'm amused.)
mmousemmouse15 on March 13th, 2009 02:02 am (UTC)
*grins* I love that Ops are their own unit, and even Prime has to be invited in!
The twins and Prowl, huh? Good thing the twins are still subject to Jazz's deviousness.

I'm loving these glimpses into Prowl's life!