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16 March 2009 @ 10:22 am
Holding Out For A Hero - Bonus Scenes #7 & #8  
I was never as impressed with these two scraplets as I was with the others.  So I havn't spent much time working with them or cleaning them up. 

Title: Holding Out For A Hero Bonus Scenes #7
Rating: NC-17
Characters/Pairings: Jazz, Prowl various others - some canon some not. 
Universe: WW and G1 mix
Disclaimer: I, in no way, shape, or form, own the Transformers© franchise or the characters it contains. They belong to Has/Tak.
Summary: Prowl talks with his Guardian about the selection of crew for the Ark and lets slip that he’s taken a look at the war with his battle computer.

HOFAH - Bonus Scenes #6 - A Battle Scene 

HOFAH - Bonus Scenes # 7 – Shortly before Ark Launch

Summary: Prowl talks with his Guardian about the selection of crew for the Ark and lets slip that he’s taken a look at the war with his battle computer.


“So Prime is leaving his Fourth in charge of all Autobot forces?”

“Yes, Ultra Magnus should do well enough.”

“And that logic center of yours agrees that it should be Prime himself leading this search for energy?”

Prowl fidgeted under his Guardian’s knowing question. “No it doesn’t. From the direct chain of command myself or Ultra Magnus should be the ones to lead this mission.”

“You skipped Ironhide.”

“You know as well as I that he does fine as Third here with Prime, but he would never leave Prime. After myself and Ultra Magnus you, Trailbreaker or Perceptor are the next best choices from the Command circle.” Prowl shook his head. “It is not logical that the Head of the Autobots would abandon our planet for a questionable unknown length of time leaving the command of our forces to his Fourth. That I am being reassigned from Second of the Army to Second for this expedition makes little sense either. This move will leave Ultra Magnus with two new Sub-Commanders for the entire Army. And Ultra Magnus himself is the newest of Prime’s sub-Commanders.”

“So your attitude has nothing to do with what might be perceived as a demotion?”

“You know me better than that.” Prowl frowned. “But a bot doesn’t need my processors to see that logic says this move potentially leaves the Autobots weak while the Officers left behind get used to their new positions and learn how each other functions. It is not after all just the Army in general that is seeing Command re-structuring but the Special Divisions as well. Ratchet has already agreed to go and Prime has asked Trailbreaker to join the crew. He agreed as long as it wasn’t as a Command Officer. And as you know Prime wants you as Third. If you also accept, then both Tactical and Op’s will find themselves with new Command Officers.”

“So Trailbreaker is joining. Who will he turn Command of Tactical over to?”

“He intends to turn over Command to his Second.”

“And will his Third move up as well then?

“No, we have discussed that, but Overdrive is comfortable where he is. Ever since getting over his ego complex he has been a solid Third for the Corps. We are looking at options for a Second.”


“Though it’s been vorns since I gave up Command of Tactical for the position of Primes Second, Trailbreaker and I still consult frequently. Tactical is a more open door unit than Ops is.”


“So what about you and Ops? Do you plan on handing over Command and come or will you just assign a team to the unit?”

That’s the problem Prowl. Prime has no idea how long this hop abroad may take. One vorn, two vorns, five vorns, ten. Without knowing that the variables are a bit more complicated.”

“Hmpf. I am well aware of that. Logic says Prime is not organizing any of this correctly. We must accept that at spark Optimus is not a war leader. If we were at peace, he would be a great leader. But as it is, he hobbles his mechs.”

Jazz’s optics glowed behind his visor and he sat up a bit straighter surprised to hear criticism coming from Prowl of all mechs. “What is that about?”

Prowl sighed looking away. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean for that…It’s just… I…”

“Prowl?” When Jazz received no response he reached out, grabbed Prowl’s chin and forced him to look back up. He studied the tactician for a moment and then he repeated his inquiry softly. “Prowl?”

Prowl cycled his air systems in a sigh. “Do you know I’ve finally taken a real look at this whole war?” Prowl shook free of Jazz. “It seems like a glaring error on my part that I did not do so before, especially having been Head of Tactical for vorns. And how many more vorns have I been Second and failed to do this? And I mean really take a look. You interested in what I discovered? What my processors and battle computer sims are telling me? In simple terms even? Prime has the strength to defeat Megatron. He has had several opportunities to deliver the final blow in fact. We Autobots in general have had numerous chances in various battles over the vorns to eliminate nearly all of the Decepticon High Command, yet we are held back.” Prowl paused, then, frustration present in his voice he continued. “Prime doesn’t have the ball bearings to do what needs to be done. He keeps letting Megatron go. It hobbles us. This war is not going to end with Megatron on-lining one cycle and saying: Oh I’m sorry, this was all a huge mistake.”

“Prowl, you know it’s not the Autobot way to kill.”

Prowl glared at Jazz and the Saboteur could read disbelief and disgust in Prowls face before the tactician continued. “We kill all the time. Is it so much better to kill hundreds of lowly soldiers in battle than to take out a few High Officers? Is it better to kill the soldiers on a base who have been assigned to guard whatever it is you or any other Ops mech is sent in to destroy just because their officers told them to guard it? Is it fair to send battle units on ‘at all costs missions,’ sacrificing mechs for an objective that in truth will not assist us in ending this war? How is any of that helping end the war? Decepticon High Command cares nothing for their rank and file. And at this point cutting off the head is not the same as ripping out the spark. Maybe back in the beginning they would have been one and the same, but not after this many vorns.”


Prowl shook his head turning away. “No Jazz, I’m sorry, I should not have said all that.”

Jazz sighed as Prowl put an end to the conversation as he let his emotionless mask drop in to place and switched back to the original topic. “Hound received and offer to the unit. The twins as well.”

“Those three come from your direct Unit Prowl and their receiving offers does not surprise me. Primus, half your unit should be receiving offers.”

“Perhaps, but Ricket should have been given his own unit back when he was promoted to Commander instead of choosing to stay as Second to me. I’m turning it over to him.”

“I’m surprised Ricket is not getting an invite to go. For a mini he’s superb”

“I would have liked him, but no, Ultra Magnus will need good commanders and good units and mine is certainly that. Besides, he would have to take a demotion in rank for the unit. And he’s not as easy going as Trailbreaker.”

Jazz smiled, “Trailbreaker was probably delighted to give up the rank of Commander.”

“Quite. Considering he wouldn’t except anything higher than a lieutenants rank for this mission. If we would have allowed him to drop all rank he’d have been delighted. He earned his Commanders rank and took head of Tactical because of circumstances, but he never wanted it.

Jazz nodded his head. “Anyone else I know?”

“Quite a few. I already mentioned Ratchet, but Wheeljack, Red Alert, Perceptor also.”

 “Lot’s to think on Prowl.”

“I know, but don’t think too long, Prime wants answers from his chosen officers and you’re the only holdout. The Ark is nearly ready to launch. And either way you still need to choose the Op’s team who will go.”

“Well if Hound is going then I’ll have to send Mirage.”

“Yes, but that still leaves one slot in the team if you come and two if you don’t.”

“I’ll have the answers to you before the third joor of next cycle Prowl.

“Thank you.” 


Title: Holding Out For A Hero Bonus Scene # 8 - Earth

Rating: NC-17
Characters/Pairings: Jazz, Prowl, Sideswipe, Sunstreaker, various others - some canon some not. 
Robots who use male pronouns to describe themselves, discussing intimate acts with each other.
Universe: WW and G1 mix
Disclaimer: I, in no way, shape, or form, own the Transformers© franchise or the characters it contains. They belong to Has/Tak, No infringement intended.  Nor do I have any claim to the songs used.

Summary: Jazz takes reminding Prowl that regardless of rank he needs to take care of himself to the extreme.

Holding Out For A Hero - Bonus Scenes # 8 – Earth - Alt mode.
Summary: Jazz takes reminding Prowl that regardless of rank he needs to take care of himself to the extreme.

Jazz stepped into the Ark’s rec room and looked around. He was looking for the twins. They were one of the night shift patrols, but that didn’t start till 8 o’clock local time. Right now it was about four in the afternoon by this planets local time zone. And since the Autobots had adopted the local time system after allying with the humans; this meant their shift schedules were also adapted into three tiny eight of this-planets-hours shifts. This put the Ark right in the middle of second shift also called the ‘Day’ shift with four hours still too go. Ah, there they were.

“So have you two had a chance yet to check out the reformat Teletran gave Prowl?”

Sideswipe and Sunstreaker both looked at Jazz as he slid into a seat at the table they were occupying in the Ark’s rec room. Then they glanced around to see who was nearby. Grapple, Hoist and Wheeljack were the only other occupants, but on the other side of the room so it was fairly safe to have this discussion here. “From a far.”

“From a far.” Jazz repeated with sarcastic disappointing disbelief in his tone.

“Jazz, you know we’d love an up close encounter with Prowl’s modifications, we really really would.” Began Sideswipe

“Especially those door wings.” Interrupted Sunstreaker.

Sideswipe nodded in agreement. “Yes definitely, but the slagger has made no indication that he wants that.”

“And we’re not gonna go fragging him off. It’ll probably earn us another trip to the brig.”

Jazz smiled. “That’s exactly what he needs.” 



“I said that’s what he needs. A good fragging. Mind you, I’m not surprised that he’s being so dense, he’s never been good at taking care of himself in this regards. Remember, he doesn’t do well separating want vs. need. I’ll apparently have to see what can be done about this. Who’s the third for your patrol team tonight?”


Jazz smiled “Oh yeah, this might work out nicely. Hey I’ll catch you later.” Jazz downed the energon he’d brought to the table and headed out. Oh yeah guys, were all gonna be playing with door wings tonight if this works out.


“Hey Prowl,” Jazz called as he entered the Second’s Office. “Smokescreen’s in medical with a door wing problem and Ratchet says he’ll be unavailable for his shift. Something about a sensor. Prime says you’re to take the patrol.”

Prowl couldn’t hide the surprise that flashed across his features at the announcement. “Prime says I am to take it?”

“Yeah, something about you needing to get out and see the local scenery.”

“That hardly sounds like something Prime would say.”

“Well I might have given the order a little local flourish.” Jazz grinned

“Very well then.” Prowl checked who Smokescreen’s patrol partners were for the night and grimaced when his processor produced the answer.”

“Jazz caught the grimace. “Anything wrong?”


Jazz cocked his head at the response.

“Really, nothing’s wrong. I was just looking who my patrol partners would be.”

“Oh? And who are they? Can’t be any worse than my last patrol. Mirage of course was fine, but Huffer? How could you assign me Huffer?”

“Would you prefer to have Gears?”

“Huh, thanks I’ll pass. So you didn’t answer, who’re your partners?”

“Sideswipe and Sunstreaker.”

Jazz’s smile bloomed on his face. “That’s great! I mean you haven’t spent any time with them since this whole search for energy disaster began and we woke up here. Take and hour out of your patrol and frag yourselves senseless.”

“Prowl arched and optic ridge. “Interfacing on duty is not allowed. And even if we were to do such a thing, fragging ourselves senseless is not exactly the thing to do away from the safety of the Ark.”

Jazz tipped his head back looking at the ceiling. “Prooowwwl.” Before looking back at Prowl. “You need some personal time. I know a patrol shift is not the best way to go about getting it, but you three have the speed to compensate for any playing around and no one will be the wiser about your relationship.”

“I am not going to be breaking the rules by taking personal time while on patrol. Nor will I compromise the Autobots, myself or my position by getting involved in a relationship with someone who is not an officer.”

“You’re already in a relationship with them. Granted its one of the loosest and most strangely defined relationships I have ever come across, all you three have ever done is have some fun in each other’s berths whenever your paths cross. But it is something. And neither they nor you have shared your berths with anyone else since hooking up all those vorns ago. So why won’t you spend some time with them now? We’re going to be stuck here for the foreseeable future. Might as well relax a bit like the rest of the crew.”

“I do not wish to open the door to questions about favoritism.”

“Okay. First, you, me, and Ratchet know about your interactions with them. Seeing as how Ratchet and Wheeljack have an understanding, I assume he knows as well and I would be surprised if in all his time at Autobase Red Alert never found out, so that makes five of the eight of Primes Command Officers. Then, of the regular officers, Mirage, Hound and Trailbreaker for sure know.  Smokescreen probably does as well. And amongst the ranks, besides the twins of course, I’m sure Inferno knows because of Red and Bumblebee of course knows because he’s Ops. And none of those I’ve listed are going to accuse you of favoritism.”

“Those are not the ones I would be concerned about.”

“Prowl, in the very short time we’ve been awake you’ve had the twins in the brig enough times to lay questions of favoritism to rest. You and the twins have never been blatant about what you do. It has always been on the quiet. Now it helps that their twins, so them turning down offers to share a berth is not all that surprising to anyone, everyone just assumes it’s the twin bond; but you need to spend some time with them.

Prowl wavered, the chink in his armor that Jazz had managed flashed across his features and Jazz moved to press the his advantage.

 “Look it may not be an understanding like Mirage and Hound, but you three have something. Take a break and get reacquainted.”

“Thank you I’ll consider it.”



“I mean it Prowl, do it, don’t make me pullout the heavy artillery.”

Prowl glared at Jazz. “Fine.”

“Swear it Prowl.”

“You’re making me swear to interface with them?” Prowl questioned in a why am I not surprised tone.

“Tonight, I’m making you swear to do it tonight.”

“I already told you it’s breaking the rules.”

“Prowl. You used to break the rules all the time.”

“When I was a youngling!”

“I want you to swear to me you will take an hour out of your patrol tonight for personal time with the twins.”


“No, I want you to swear it.”

Prowl glared at Jazz.

“There are worse things than being forced to take a voluntary hour of personal time in the middle of a patrol shift Prowl.”

“I thought you weren’t bringing out the artillery?

Jazz glared “Swear. It.”

“I swear the three of us will take an hour of personal time on this patrol.”

Jazz shook his head and continued the glare. “No, I mean really swear it.”

Prowl huffed. “I Prowl, now and forever a warrior of Special Ops, by my spark do swear it.”

“Thanks” Jazz said cheerfully as he spun around and slipped out the door with a wave.


It was a little past midnight local planet time when Prowl turned off of the empty two lane highway he and the twins were traveling onto a dirt road. To both twins it appeared unmarked with only tall trees lining either side. Luckily it also appeared well maintained.

<Jazz said there is an area we need to check out up here.> Prowl answered to the wordless inquiry Sideswipe sent over the private comm.

<I’ve never seen a human maintained dirt road in this good of condition. This is as good as the one we maintain to the Ark.>

<It’s a logging road. Humans who cut trees for various products maintain this so that their big trucks can get the trees out of the mountains.>

What a relief thought Sideswipe and Sunstreaker offered the same thought through their bond. While they had been awake on this organic planet for a little over six of its months, not even a stellar-cycle in Cybertronian time, it had taken far less time than that for just about everyone to miss their mag plates and realize that some earth alt modes were not designed for all-terrain. On Cybertron a completely metal planet where the majority of the population had mag plates, ground clearance had not been a huge issue. Here on this planet everyone had had to get used to wheels and tires. Wheels and tires meant you had to consider ground clearance. Ground clearance for the twins meant a measly 4.9 inches in human measurements. It was incredibly low to the ground and meant the smallest dip in the road could cause them to bottom out their undercarriages at the speeds they liked to travel and in many cases had to travel. Though Sunstreaker and Sideswipe counted themselves lucky since both Jazz and Mirage as racing models had even less clearance than that. Prowl the lucky mech had a comparatively liberating 6.3 inches. Though he’d lost the oh-so-sleek styling of his Cybertronian alt mode to get it. Still Teletran had compensated with a rather regal root mode both twins agreed. 

The new wings on his back seemed to have a hundred times the range of motion as his previous ones. And while the previous ones had been highly sensitive to touch due to the multitude of sensors located in them, they had had little mobility to them. The new ones were larger, broader and constantly flickering this way and that with Prowls moods. The twins couldn’t wait to get their hands on them. 


HOFAH - Bonus Scenes #9 - Compass Rites 2 

In case you have concerns about the potential continuity error of Prowl saying Perceptor will be part of the crew in scene # 7, my explanation for that along with further discussion regarding the method of arrival on earth of the additional Autobots in G1 cartoon season 2 can be found here:  http://cmdrtekk.livejournal.com/18792.html 


okamichanokamichan on March 17th, 2009 02:17 am (UTC)
You know you're made of win with that last one! Gah.


Anyways! The first one is very true. It's almost the hypocrasy of Optimus, because he has no problem sending out other mechs to do his dirty work when he refuses to finish it all himself when the opportunity presents itself.

God, it takes him nearly 4 million years to finally realize that Megatron won't stop until he's dead! ('You who are without mercy, now plead for it?') poor Prowl.

I appreciate the bit about Trailbreaker! :) Like that.
cmdrtekkcmdrtekk on March 17th, 2009 02:58 am (UTC)
The potential risk of ticking off fans of Prime with Prowl's "slander" has been outweighed by enough positive (or at least neutral) response between hear and ff.net. to Prowl's "simple" analysis to make me almost wish I had developed the conversation a bit more instead of leaving it in its rough draft form. Heck, I'll probably look back and wonder why I didn't develope both of these scraps beyond rough draft a bit more. Oh well.

Glad you liked the Trailbreaker bit. I did as well.

Thank you.
bookworm_faithbookworm_faith on March 17th, 2009 10:44 am (UTC)
*laughs at Jazz ordering Prowl to take Personal Time* Also, that is an interesting take on Optimus & the reasons the war is still ongoing. Would *love* for further development!
cmdrtekkcmdrtekk on March 19th, 2009 04:22 am (UTC)
Thanks. I am seeing if I can develope a scene for after this one. THe next one I have is the final scene I wrote so this is taking some time and it may not work out anyway. We'll see.
Potential Incarnatesilveriss on March 17th, 2009 09:08 pm (UTC)
I really loved the first one. You really get a strong look into Prowl's mind and his take on the war. ^^

The second one made me grin. Jazz is quite pushy sometimes. *smirks*
cmdrtekkcmdrtekk on March 19th, 2009 04:23 am (UTC)
Thank you.
mmousemmouse15 on March 20th, 2009 02:16 am (UTC)
...I'm stunned. That was a very good analysis of the war, and Prowl's correct in his assessment of Optimus.

Jazz wins for egging the twins and then Prowl on! Hurray for fragging and for setups from sneaky Ops mechs!

Wonderful little views of your world.
cmdrtekkcmdrtekk on March 24th, 2009 10:19 pm (UTC)
Thank you.