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24 August 2010 @ 07:30 pm
Black and Whites in Life - Week 34  
Black and Whites is Life
Week 34 – Tractors, Tractors Everywhere – It’s the peak of haying season in the Gunnison Valley

Jazz and Prowl with one of the many tractors all over the valley this last two weeks. Big acreage hay fields or small acreage pastures, its peak time to be cutting hay. Now if only the monsoon rains would cooperate and leave for a few days. Actually, if you’re cutting cow hay up here, rains not so much an issue. Those animals (bovines) can handle less than perfect hay. But if you’re cutting horse hay up here, rain is the enemy at the moment. The hay needs to be cut, dried, raked and baled without rain getting on it. If it gets wet, then it gets moldy and ruined in the bale. And that is not good for equines more sensitive digestive systems. And yes, Eagle Ridge Ranch is in the business of producing premium horse hay.

Can't find Jazz and Prowl? Look on the top of the tractor, below the steering column/linkage. See the white-ish smudges? That's them.


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mmouse: ProwlxJazz OTPmmouse15 on August 25th, 2010 02:56 am (UTC)
Ha, they are not smudges! Actually, that looks like a really good place to put them.

That tractor looks awfully familiar! It resembles my dad's old Farmall M greatly. Damn, it's even got the single front wheel!

I looked at the mountains yesterday and told my boys 'your sister is getting wet right about now'. You couldn't see the mountains for all the clouds at 3 PM - I'm really sorry you're getting the rain at the wrong time. It sucks.