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30 April 2011 @ 05:36 pm
One Night, One Vorn  

Title:  One Night, One Vorn

Author:  cmdrtekk 
Characters:  Prowl, Smokescreen, Jazz, a few OC’s as minor support characters when needed

Rating:  T

Word Count:  7800

Warnings:  Yeah, robots that use male pronouns to describe themselves, referencing, discussing and or performing intimate acts with each other are present.  Nothing overly explicit In this story though.

Summary:  Response to April 2011 P&J Challenge on LJ

Verse:  WW-ish maybe

Disclaimer: I, in no way, shape, or form, own the Transformers© franchise or the characters it contains.  They belong to Has/Tak.



Klik : 1.2 Earth minutes
Breem : 8.3 Earth minutes
Joor : About 6.5 Earth hours
Cycle: About 93 hours
Orn : About 13 Earth days
Deca-cycle : Approx. 3 weeks
Meta-cycle : 13 months
Vorn : About 83 Earth years




“I don’t understand why you are always signing up for these special event overtime shifts Prowl.  So what, the Prime is coming to this gig.  Big deal.  It’s not like Praxus has a huge criminal underworld ready to jump up and interfere.  And the couple of big bosses we do have just happen to respect the Prime so their gonna have their mechs leashed.  Any shift you pick up is gonna be Super Number One Booor-ring!  It’s not like overtime will ever bring in enough money to help make a dent in your pay-off even if you are closer to that possibility than any of us.  And if it’s excitement you’re looking for, it’s a lot easier to go slum with the regular Patrol and take a couple of their shifts.”


Prowl looked across the locker room at his blue companion who shared his frame design.  Smokescreen was also a tactician in the Praxus Division of the Cybertron Security Forces.  And just like Prowl he was also a pre-programmed spark commission for the Praxus Special Weapons and Tactical Team.  A team that was little used in there specialty as Praxus really had no need for such, but some Senator had gotten a kink in his wires once and now Praxus had themselves a SWAT.  And for all that he had been commissioned 203 vorns before Prowl, Prowl was significantly closer to paying off his contract than Smokey was.  Not that 203 vorns was that huge of a difference considering Prowl had been commissioned 1869 vorn ago and probably had a good 10,000 vorn to go at the absolute very best to earn pay-off.  And to be honest Prowl acknowledged he had one very lucky break over Smokescreen and the general population of pre-programmed civilian commissions – no matter what their field - that had allowed him to move that much closer to being able to pay off his contract.  He had been loaned out to Cybertron Military Special Operations several vorn back and had collected a share of prize money when the battle cruiser he had been stationed with had captured a Pirate base.  Not just a pirate ship, but a base.  And prize money was the reason military spark commissioned mechs had such a high rate of contract pay-offs.  Oh, but right now he needed to answer his friend.  “Perhaps that’s not the type of excitement I’m looking for.”


It took a moment but finally Smokescreen jerked upright from his locker in surprise then twisted around to stare over at Prowl in time to see the black and whites mechs optics flash with mischief.  “Slaggit Prowl. Don’t get my hopes up. I was ready to ask who and how.”


Prowl smirked, pleased to have succeeded in his tease of his fellow tactician.  Despite Smokescreen’s reaction and general thinking regarding Prowl’s lack of interfacing the reality was he was well versed in pleasure activities of the berth, his time with the military had seen to that, though unlike a lot of his fellow enforcers he didn’t advertise.  And more importantly he tended to hunt for companions in the upscale hotel district bars that catered to business travelers rather than the rowdy bars, dance halls and pleasure houses he knew the majority of his fellows patronized.  Prowl shook his head and frowned.  “Like any noble’s gonna take an enforcer for a short fling, let alone a one night berth romp. Particularly when they will have their choice of each other at the reception tonight.  The chances I even see one are too low to be worth computing.”


“Hey we all have our dreams.”  Smokescreen countered.  “And really, would it be such a bad thing if one of us had them come true?”


I imagine a dream come true would certainly be safer and a more sure route to pay-off for you than your bookie.  But first, you need to sign up for these sorts of shifts.”


“Okay, first, I’m on call on the extremely slim, too low to be worth computing chance something other than 500 nobles overchargeing themselves happens.  And second, my bookie is safe…most of the time.  And I win far more often than I loose.  And Praxis doesn’t loan us out enough to the military for us to have a true chance at collecting any prize money.  That was a fluke of pure simple luck on your part.  Face it Prowl, commissioned bots is just a polite way of saying eternal paid slave.”


“Perpetual indentured servants.”  Prowl countered with a wry grin.


Smokescreen flicked his optics in exasperation, “Same difference Prowl, and seriously, why would you, of all of us, want to pay off?  While your skill set is pretty general, your specialties are even more specialized than mine.  It’s not like you’re going to find employment in another field unless you go to the military.  Enforcement is it for us buddy.  And you in particular.”


Prowl nodded his acknowledgement as he finished buffing off the last of the wax on his lower leg thereby bringing out the last bits of an illustrious shine.  “Perhaps I just like a reason to clean up?”


Smokescreen offered the laugh Prowl had been aiming for.  “Knowing you?  That I can believe.”


After putting his cleaning supplies away he shut his locker and waved both hand and winglets at Smokescreen.  “Thanks for the help with my back and wings.”


“Anytime Prowl and same to you.”  Smokescreen returned as he watched the black and white enforcer head out for the overtime shift at the Gardens.






Prowl walked along the perimeter wall of the crystal gardens.  He was one of many this night, both local and imported insuring the coming ceremony and following reception remained private.  Well… as private as a ceremony including 500 plus guests, plus servants of which the Prime was one could remain private anyway.  Bonding ceremonies within the crystal gardens were common.  The beauty attracting many couples, trines and quads to be.  It was unusual however for the entire gardens to be closed for a bonding ceremony.  More typical for a ceremony, was to close off a small section of the couples choosing leaving the rest open to the public.  And the reception afterwards held off grounds. 


The couple involved in this one while not high royalty, were numbered amongst noble and affluent houses of Cybertron.  One half of the pair was from Iacon; a relative to the Prime.  Prowl knew all there was to know publicly about the mech.  He was younger; just shy of sixteen thousand vorns.  A cousin five times removed from the royal line he was among the affluent of the Iacon towers and had the audio of the also young Prime dating back to their youngling vorns when their friendship had developed.  He was popular amongst his peers for more than just his close relationship to the Prime.  He was considered quite intelligent and though young for the task he had already taken over his families worldwide businesses.  The increased success in the already successful ventures had proven his skill.  While he enjoyed the privileges of his station he wasn’t a player, had no criminal record that Prowl could locate and donated heavily to charity.  His creators were still on line and he had one younger sibling, a mech that was only four thousand vorns old.  The second half of the match was Neca, a femme creation of the current Leader of the Praxus Senate.  She too was young, though older than her chosen by a couple thousand vorns.  Most of the time she lived the life of luxury and always had.  She too was popular amongst her peers, and unlike her chosen she was a player.  She liked to party, she liked to shop.  She reveled in her wealth and station amongst the affluent of Praxus.  And for all her stately wildness, she would never be so uncouth as to break a law.  What endeared her to the Praxus citizenry was her desire and willingness to work in the youth sectors which she did for one vorn out of every five.  Prowl himself as a public servant of Praxus had no opinion about her one way of the other.


~~Prowl, Starwatch.~~


Prowl terminated his line of thought on the noble couple as he heard his designation over the force frequency and responded.  ~~Starwatch, Prowl.~~


~~Prowl, I’m sending Web to your position.  Confirm his arrival, then report to the MCC.~~







Prowl yanked his hand from his chest when he once again found himself absently rubbing the armor plating that lay over his spark.  He could feel his spark still jumping and pulsing, though the rate and pressure was only a fraction of what it had been when he had first been introduced to his… temporary partner.  Partner.  That might be stretching the term a bit based on how he was introduced and how the mech was handed over to him, but the mech was a full enforcer just as Prowl was.  The mechs enforcer rank markings were as clearly visible as Prowl’s own.  Still, why would his Captain inform him that he was to make sure the mech stayed safe and out of trouble.  “Go wherever he wants, do what he wants, but he is not to get a scratch or a dent.  Understand?” Prowl of course had nodded and watched his superior and this one’s superior depart back into the depths of the Mobile Command Center.  Now he wasn’t sure what to do.


The other mech who’s colors were also black and white offered him a cheery smile.  “Look, don’t mind my Captain, he is completely clueless sometimes.”


“It is not your Captain that worries me.” Prowl responded. 


“Yeah, well don’t worry about yours either.  Mine obviously has his number or I wouldn’t be here with you, and I heard his instructions just as clearly as you.”


“Then by that logic, it is your Captain I should worry about.” Prowl countered.


Though the Polyhexian enforcer wore a visor, Prowl just knew the mech was raising an optic ridge at him right now.  “Wow, never had anyone counter with that before.”


“Before?  This happens often?”


“Slag yeah.” The mech grinned.  “I’m assigned to the Polyhexian Special Ambassador’s Office.  Ya know?  Oh look a noble’s getting bonded in Praxus, we must send a delegation, get the Special Ambassador.  Oh look some noble’s just had their first creation, send the Special Ambassador.  Honestly?  Except for all the travel and getting to see new places, it sucks slag.  I mean the most exciting thing to usually happen is trying to figure out where the Ambassador misplaced the official gift.”


Prowls optics flickered briefly in disbelief or surprise.  He himself wasn’t really sure.  “Who are you?”


“I’m Jazz.  At least I was when our Captains introduced us.”  The mech looked down at himself as he patted his chassis down then looked back at Prowl.  “Yup” he smiled, “still Jazz.”


Ignoring both his spark and the mechs antics Prowl countered.  “No that is your designation.  It does not tell me who you are.” 


Jazz smiled again.  “Mech you are good.  No one’s ever caught that point before either.”


“And?  Prowl prompted.


Jazz cycled air through his systems in a sigh then stood up tall for a moment.  “I’m the second creation of the third creation of the fourth creation of the fourth creation of the Lord of Polyhex.  Does that mean I’m of the Polyhexian Royalty?  Only if you reeeaaally stretch it.  And that stretch is a stretch a lot of Polyhexian nobles would prefer not see be made.  Besides I have no title.  Okay, well I do have a title, a couple actually, but I don’t use them often.  And truuussst me, being the second creation of the third creation of the fourth creation of a fourth creation doesn’t get you much anyway.  Except exasperation in trailer loads.  It is in fact why I’m an enforcer and despite what my paranoid Captain thinks, the slag is not gonna fly if I get off lined in the line of duty.  Well, not much anyway.  And seriously that is not gonna happen ta night.  I know all about you Praxians.  Your Crime Lords are like younglings when compared to my cities Crime Lords.  That is one thing little ol’ Polyhex is good at.  Growing criminals.  Now, since your orders are to go wherever I want I’ll give ya a couple of options.  First, we can go ahead and finish your originally assigned shift as a team which I am sure will be boring as all slag and then you can take me out on the town and show me the nightlife, since its night.  Or we can skip the finish your original shift part and head straight out to the night life.  Which shall it be?”




Prowl had of course chosen option number one.  Return to his shift, temporary partner in tow.  This would give him time to figure out how not to go out on the town.  That had actually lasted three whole breems before Jazz deemed patrolling a supremely clean wall and nodding to curious though extremely polite Praxus citizens more boring than slag and after allowing Prowl to call Web back had drug Prowl into the garden grounds and strait on in to the reception party. 


Here Jazz’s assurances that he wasn’t exactly royalty and not exactly nobility and barely just among the extremely affluent had been brought into question in Prowl’s own head.  After all, enforcer markings or not the two of them should not have been able to just walk right on in to the party.  Well actually that wasn’t so much unexpected, but to not have people question their continued presence beyond an initial look and helping themselves to the refreshments?  No, that should have brought questions by now.  Yet it hadn’t.  Jazz had just offered a nod of his head as they had passed each guard station and then once inside the grounds had weaved his way through the guests towards one of the refreshment bars and filled Prowl’s hand with a glass of high grade, which Prowl had immediately unloaded on the first server to pass close enough to him.  Only to find the server back at his elbow within a klik with a new glass and a quietly murmured midgrade sir.  Now five breems later Prowl was on his second glass of the most wonderful mid grade he had ever tasted, having found the server waiting at his elbow as he finished off the first glass and still following Jazz around as the Polyhexian Enforcer introduced Prowl to and socialized with various guests they came across while helping himself to drinks either from passing servers or from the various bars scattered throughout. 


All the guests they paused with seemed to know Jazz.  They all appeared pleased to interact with Jazz and none questioned Prowl’s presence.  It was a mystery to Prowl, but he accepted that what they were doing fell under the orders received from his Captain so chose not to concentrate on it very hard especially since no one was kicking them out.  And the mid-grade was good. 


Three glasses later Prowl was staring at the last of the energon in his current glass and wondering if he should just leave it there.  A glance around proved the servant was nowhere to be seen, but then previous glances had proven the same until he finished the last drops in his glass.  And really he did not want any more to drink nor did he really want to continue carrying the glass.  Prowl caught himself frowning at his glass and immediately cleared his expression.  But not apparently before one of the two femmes Jazz was currently talking with, Lady Jasper he recalled, had caught it. 


She sidled towards him a bit more with a kind smile.  “You know Prowl, Jazz’s servant will not take offense if you decline a refill.”


Prowl startled and looked more directly at the Lady.  “Jazz’s servant?” he questioned.


“Well I haven’t actually seen him tonight, but Jazz is here, and you are Jazz’s guest so I assumed it was his servant keeping you supplied.”  She smiled.


“I’m sorry, but …”


Prowl trailed off as the other femme stepped over and tapped her companions arm while looking at Prowl.  “Excuse me Officer Prowl, but I just saw someone I was hoping to catch a dance with tonight and if we don’t go now it just may never happen.  It was a pleasure to meet you.”  She bowed her head then actually grabbed Lady Jasper’s arm and pulled her off down the path. 


Jazz turned to Prowl, took the almost empty glass from Prowl’s hand and in one graceful motion spun around on one foot, depositing Prowl’s glass as well as his own on the ever ready server’s tray before completing his spin and facing Prowl again.  He reached out, grabbed a hold of Prowl’s hand causing Prowls spark to distinctly jump and Prowl to briefly again focus on the strange fluttering pressure his spark had been producing all night and that he had managed to ignore for the most part by concentrating not on Jazz as he probably should have been, but on the beautiful crystals and the guests themselves.  “Come on Prowl, time to find some more excitement.”  And with that declaration he led Prowl toward the gardens central path and out towards the rest of the city.



  This way for  One Night, One Vorn - Part 2