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13 September 2011 @ 05:15 pm
Dance to Catch  
Title:   Dance to Catch
Author: cmdrtekk
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: ~2500
Series: my own Light Dancing verse (G1 AU)
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Red Alert, Prowl

Warnings: Yes! Robots that use male pronouns to describe themselves, referencing or discussing intimate relationships and or referencing, discussing, or performing intimate acts with each other is present.
Disclaimer: Light Dancing is mine.  Transformers belongs to Hasbro.  All fan fic is done for fun with no profit in mind.

Summary: Prowl and Red Alert discuss Prowl’s desire to catch a berth mate for the night.

Authors Notes: This had been set in my Light Dancing verse (a G1AU). As of right now, I’m gonna say timeline wise this occurs somewhen before the Orginal Scene for the light dancing bunny from which the whole ‘verse was and still is being created from. A Reason To Dance – an AU of my G1 Light Dancing verse (since it is movie verse based) offers an example of actual Light Dancing rather than one of the ‘side effect abilities/talents’ shown in the original piece as well as this one.

For Week 2 of the prowlxjazz LJ group’s Anniversary Challenge - prompt: ‘Dance.’ Link to Week 2 challenge Page:  prowlxjazz week 2 anniversary challenge page

Red Alert, security chief for the Primes Unit sat at a table next to the wall in the room that had been set up to serve as one of the rec rooms in this new base. The mechs had done a pretty decent job converting this one time store room for relaxation in the orn that they had been here. Of course new clean paint could go a long way to improving the looks of any room anywhere. His new security control center was proof of that. But it was more than just the clean if slightly mismatched paint. Aside from the standard energon disperser area with basic tables and chairs scrounged from someplace occupying almost half of the room, someone had located some lounging couches and chairs which had been grouped up in the corner to the right of the main entrance. Two recreational screens had also been located and set up at opposite corners, making them far enough apart as to not interfere with each other as long as their users kept the volume to a considerate level. Those users however were required to drag over standard chairs from the fueling area if they wanted to sit and Red wondered how long it would be before the couches were reallocated. A general use open space had been created as well, most often used for boasting games of skill but which looked to be serving as a dance floor this evening.

The table he’d chosen was on a slightly raised area, in the fueling area unofficially but not strictly reserved for officers. From his seat here he could see all that was happening in the room despite the low lighting in effect. It was the first time he had been in here since the joor he’d set up the cameras here right after their arrival. The Autobot’s main army, under the immediate direction of Optimus Prime made up a couple thousand vorn ago from the remnants of the first, fourth and sixth Autobot armies had set up shop here an orn ago after having been routed from the last main forward base when the Decepticon’s had decided it was time to expand their territory again.

Red Alert had spent the entire orn since arriving here setting up his security net. Oh he’d taken breaks of course, but not in here. Only in the security center, or what served for one. It was pitifully ill equipped; particularly after what he had abandoned. And the chances of getting replacements out of Iacon were pretty slim. This long at was, they were feeling it to. The main army had been in the previous base for over 2000 full vorn and much of that time included the most recent 1600 vorn lull in the war. By the time they had had to abandon, it had been feeling as solid and close to home as anything. And not just to him. He wasn’t the only command officer missing equipment either; Ratchet the CMO and Wheeljack the CE had had to destroy more than a few choice pieces of equipment when they had had to abandon so quickly.

Red Alert nodded - but kept his optics on the lounging corner where Smokescreen and Sideswipe appeared to be in deep discussion - as Inferno joined him at the table sitting down with his own cube of energon. “Glad to see you finally made it out to join the rest of us Red.”

Red Alert frowned at the familiarity Inferno offered with the shortened version of his name. They were close certainly, even shared berths during off cycles somewhat regularly, but he only allowed one mech amongst the Autobots that familiarity and he wasn’t likely to be here. Prowl had recently been promoted to Prime’s chief tactician and was now in charge of the entire tactical unit. It was his skill that had kept the evacuation, hectic as it was from turning into a route. Over the vorns he had earned himself a reputation for creating amazing plans and strategies as well as being able to adjust those plans on the fly. That had allowed him to rise steadily through the tactical ranks till he was ranked as the best tactician the Autobots had. Unfortunately in war, deaths occur and battles are lost no matter how good the strategies, so Prowl had also earned a reputation for being cold, unsocial, uncaring and bonded to his tactical boards. In regards to that second reputation Red Alert knew nothing could be farther from the truth. Light Dancers couldn’t not feel emotions. Weak, normal or strong emotions it didn’t matter, shields were needed to block them or a Light Dancer would go insane. He knew it was tough for his vorn mate being un-anchored and despite his skill at shielding, the emotions in this war time army were hard to deal with. Thus Prowl rarely socialized on the large scare.

“Hey Red, is it me or is Prowl’s armor shinier than usual?”

Red Alert pulled thoughts back to the room and his gaze from the twins and Smokescreen, skimming it around the room looking for Prowl. He jerked in surprise when he found the mech not just in the rec room but out on the dance floor. Prowl did not dance. Well actually Prowl danced quite well he amended to himself, but not in public. Not since they had joined the Autobots. Not since the tensions had escalated to war. Not in a way most mechs these days knew about. And no matter how one viewed the chief tactician who was at the moment gently swaying with his optics off to the music currently playing quietly as background noise, this was not what one ever, ever, ever envisioned.

And furthermore, Inferno was right; Prowl’s armor had an ever so faint shine to it this night that could not be attributed to the low lighting or a recent visit to the wash racks. Not only that but his gentle moves were beauty and grace at the moment, perfectly in sync with the quiet music and completely at odds with the heavy battle armor he now sported. Give him another couple breems and Red Alert knew his moves would be downright seductive and erotic. “Slag” Red Alert muttered under his breath. Prowl wasn’t just dancing he was Dancing. “Excuse me Inferno.” Red Alert tossed off absently as he rose from his seat and made his way towards the tactician.


:: What’re you doing? :: Red Alert asked across the private comm. line as he himself moved gracefully through the other dancers and across the floor towards Prowl.

:: I want to Dance. ::

:: Not here for Primus sake! :: Red Alert responded with a shake of his head, even as his own body fell automatically and easily into sync with the music and Prowl’s own movements.

::Can’t deny it any longer.::

::And the affect on those present?::

::I’m in control. At worse everyone here lands berth partners tonight. To ease your mind I won’t cast. But I want this. I am going to Dance.::

Again a shake of his head as he automatically slid under Prowl’s wing as the tactician slipped sideways with a gentle spin. ::I guarantee everyone in here who wants to will land berth partners tonight; you’re already casting. Visibly. Your armor glows and the lighting in here is too low to account for it. Much longer and others besides myself and Inferno will realize that as well. Look at them Prowl, others are already interested. You are putting on quite the show.::

Prowl’s optic glow narrowed as a glare briefly crossed his face. ::There. No shine. I’m in control:: he said almost petulantly as the extra shine slowly thinned from his armor. ::And did it ever occur to you they might merely be interested in two bots dancing, rather seductively I might add, with each other? Two bots who never dance and are considered leaders amongst the socially inept?::

As much as Red Alert wanted to jerk to a stop at the seductive comment when it included him, long ingrained training held keeping his body moving without missing a beat as he and Prowl continued to slip, slide, spin and twine about themselves and each other, sometimes only mere inches apart, but never touching, all of it in perfect sync with each other and the music still playing softly in the background. There was no denying the moves the two of them were producing had indeed acquired the seductive edge he’d predicted. He just hadn’t intended to be part of that prediction.

After some thought Red Alert shook his head with a frown. ::Did someone spike your energon tonight?::

:: Mmm. Yes. I did.::

He’d half meant the question as a joke, not really expecting a positive answer. Prowl usually kept his overcharged moments to private quarters if things got bad enough to warrant overcharging. So the answer was a concern to him. The base had been in a depressive state since the battle and the evacuation. Such a concentrated mass of negative emotions over an extended period like and orn would certainly be trying. But it was also a very un-Prowl like move and could be an early sign that Prowl was starting to lose control. Of all the un-anchored Dancers, Red had always believed his vorn mate could and would handle the war best and for the longest. ::You spiked your own energon? Why? If you needed to Dance this badly, I could’ve helped clear a training room. Much easier and safer. You could have let loose then and truly Danced. This way you’ll end up with a berth partner tonight if you keep this up. And you’ve not been into random a whole lot since we joined up.::

::And what if I want a berth partner tonight?::

Red Alert held back his snappy reply to think over what Prowl had just admitted. ::I am always willing…you know that…but…:: Red paused. The excuse could be real or perhaps it was Prowl’s way of covering his desire to mood zap the base. Or… it could be a bit of both. Or it could be Prowl starting to lose it. He slid a spin into his moves allowing him to scan the room’s occupants again. ::The Special Op’s Lieutenant, Jazz?:: he questioned when he had finished his survey and once again faced Prowl. He knew Prowl’s spark had a thing for the flashy mech. And when a Dancer’s spark liked another’s, that was usually the sign you’d found a potential anchor.

Prowl tossed a nod of his head into his movements, his tone pleasant over the comm. ::Certainly acceptable, you well know that, but doubtful I can catch him without a little more effort on my part, which you being out here right now are not allowing me. Besides I’m not so far gone as to realize I may likely be slagged at both myself and you tomorrow if I land him in this manner tonight.::

Red held back a frown. Performing Light Dancers had been finding one night stands this way for ages. It wasn’t mind control. No one was being forced into anything. A mecha’s regular principles still held. And a seductive dance was still seductive, even before Light Dancers added their own abilities to it. Granted back then all knew what it meant when a Light Dancer Danced this way. That was long before the war had come, yet after Megatron had begun to kindle the unrest of the lesser that tore the Luminarium members apart just as it had the planet. The Elders had taken spark oaths from all the Dancers that they would hide their abilities. As skilled as Prowl was, he could take the emotional energy in the room, clean and recast it from negatives to positive, buoying up the emotional condition of the base and none of the mecha would truly realize it. Prowl was strong enough to send his recasting out through most of the base if he desired. And Red was sure he would.   Oh he would certainly be worn out come morning especially if he added berth activates after, but the general depression the base had sunk into since the battle and evacuation would be gone. Truthfully, if Prowl was willing, then there would be no losers. Red Alert knew if he’d still been able to touch his abilities he’s certainly feel the risk worth it. The base needed help.

Red Alert brought his attention back to the conversation when Prowl sent a wordless inquiry on the comm. line. :: You know quite well I see nothing wrong with using this method to get him in your berth tonight. After all, we did this for ages before the war. Besides, it only works if he’s interested. It’s not mind control my friend, his principles are still in full control, unlike with high grade.::

::Well aware of that:: Prowl snapped back exasperated.

::Then what’s the problem? It’s not like you’re gonna Dance his spark the first time you face so no problems should arise from this.::

::That is the problem, as much as my spark likes his I don’t want to ruin that chance by a one night stand.::

::You do realize a one night stand need not end there?::

::No strings attached is why the one night stand was created.::

::Bah, let’s see him stick to that after he’s had you in the berth. And rumors say he’s good in the berth as well.::

::So you keep reminding Me.::

::Because you apparently need reminding.:: Red smiled and let Prowl see it, he might not have full access to his abilities anymore, but he’d felt Prowl give.

In perfect sync with the music Prowl spun away from his vorn mate clearly showing his tolerant frustration at Red though none of it came across the comm. line ::We have had this discussion before. Now if you don’t mind I need to catch myself a companion for the night.::

Red Alert countered Prowl’s steps smoothly, placing him again with Prowl. ::Well my votes for the op’s lieutenant if you can catch him. It’s just for an off shift anyway, time will tell if there is more to be had than just the berth entertainment; despite what your spark thinks. I guarantee it. ::

Red Alert swirled then and bowed himself gracefully out of the dance then spinning a one eighty, he presented his back to Prowl as he headed back towards what he knew by now would be a very revved Inferno. His berth would certainly be fun tonight. He called out one last item over the comm. line as he walked away. ::just be careful Prowl, you’re gonna have plenty chasing you as soon as you quit the floor if not before::

::Good, I hope Jazz is one of them.:: Prowl replied.

::Good!:: Red Alert smiled to himself as he sent his parting comment over the comm. line before snapping it close. His worries over Prowl eased for the moment. His vorn mate was very much in control of his abilities. He was also truly in quite a mood tonight, something Red Alert hadn’t seen in far, far too long, and it was good to see.

fianna9 on September 14th, 2011 01:04 am (UTC)
very interesting world. I'm hoping to see more of it, and I'm curious about Red Alert's place in it.
cmdrtekkcmdrtekk on September 15th, 2011 03:42 am (UTC)
I think this was a poor choice to use for a prompt. It was easy enough to write, practically writing itself for the most part, but I found my self going back and half filling in information that will come before this point time line wise in the overall in an attempt to offer a clearer picture to the reader. And I still think I failed.

Red Alert's place: In the overall story Red Alert, Prowl and Skywarp are vorn mates. Meaning they came of age, were discovered to be Light Dancers and entered the Luminarium all within the same vorn. They spent vorns upon vorns from younglinghood to adults training and learning the skills of a Light Dancer. Amongst Light Dancers to have 1 vorn mate is rare, to have two, practically unheard of. For most trainees they are separated by a few vorns at best. But for Prowl, Red Alert and Skywarp, having been of nearly the smae age and coming into their powers at nearly the same time, they are like the best brothers ever. Hope that helps Maybe???

Seeing how this wasn't the best choice of way to answer this weeks choices, I really appreciate your taking the time to read and comment.
renegadewriterrenegadewriter8 on September 14th, 2011 02:08 am (UTC)
Awww why'd you end it there? * pouts* I love this verse can't wait to see more!
cmdrtekkcmdrtekk on September 15th, 2011 03:49 am (UTC)
Well, glad you liked since I think I failed miserably with the prompt. The scene practically wrote itself, so from that standpoint it was great. But at the moment, aside from me, few will understand everything going on here. And that's after I went back and filled in a lot of "blanks" information wise in an attempt to give the reader a clue. And most of that is info that I think will be covered earlier time line wise in the story (once I write the scenes of course). This posted version has 1000 more words in it than the original draft, and most of them are me trying to give the reader some idea about what is going on

Anyway, as always I appreciate your reading and leaving a comment.

Hope your trip is going well.
usagi_atemu_tom: dancefunusagi_atemu_tom on September 19th, 2011 12:22 pm (UTC)
Honestly, I don't think you failed with this prompt. It reads well, it has Prowl obviously interested into Jazz and they had an interesting discussion about Prowl's emotions and wishes. All in all it was an interesting and rather curious way to fulfill the prompt of dancing. The only thing, after I've reached the end now that I am wishing for now, would be a sequel of a kind to see if Prowl succeedes in getting Jazz interested in him. I would so love to see Jazz reaction and thoughts about Prowl. ^^ But that is just a personal wish and honestly this stands perfect just as it does.
Well done job!
LobaEclipselobaeclipse on September 21st, 2011 07:45 pm (UTC)
This looks wonderfully interesting. I love this fic, so I am going to have to check out the rest of this 'verse ;)
cmdrtekkcmdrtekk on September 23rd, 2011 03:25 am (UTC)
I haven't posted much else from this verse. Hope you like what there is though.

Thank you for reading and commenting. I appreciate your taking the time to do so.
Zea Tzea_taylor on October 21st, 2011 02:48 pm (UTC)
This was fascinating. I like the way you present both bots in this, hinting at so much of their skills and the background, while keeping the focus on the moment and the potential problem Red Alert is facing. I'd like to see more of this 'verse in future, as the whole thing adds an extra layer of intrigue and complexity over the whole Autobot/Decepticon conflict.
cmdrtekkcmdrtekk on October 23rd, 2011 11:14 pm (UTC)
Thank you for reading and commenting. I do greatly appreciate it.

I do actually have quite a bit more in this verse. I have this dream that I might actually have the majority of it completed before posting. But right now it is very rough and there are quite a few things to track and lay out I am discovering.

Again, thank you.